The Scientist – Professor Masquelier

Renowned French phyto-scientist, Professor Jack Masquelier, was the first to isolate OPCs in 1948. He spent his entire scientific career developing, perfecting and researching his unique OPCs products that are famous for their potent vascular benefits.

The brand – MASQUELIER’s®
Professor Masquelier developed a partnership with I.N.C. which would uphold his rigorous standards of optimum quality and efficacy. The MASQUELIER’s® brand was developed with Professor Masquelier’s full support and experience, paying tribute to a lifetime of dedicated research and expertise.

MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs Authenticity
To ensure that every batch of MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs are the same unique OPCs as researched and developed by Professor Masquelier with the same proven health benefits, all MASQUELIER’s® ingredients undergo Complex Phytonutrient Authentication (CPA). This is one of the world’s most accurate quality control methods, providing you with a science backed, guarantee of consistent composition and proven health benefits

MASQUELIER’s® is Professor Masquelier’s assurance of quality
By partnering with I.N.C. to create MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs and providing regular guidance concerning its composition and manufacture over a period of nearly 30 years, Professor Masquelier’s legacy continues today in its most potent and authentic form.

The Authentic MASQUELIER’s® Products
Consumers are hereby advised that the original MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs branded products are authenticated exclusively by International Nutrition Company (INC) of Loosdrecht, The Netherlands. MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs originate from no other source than INC, the owner of the MASQUELIER’s® brand. INC also oversees and ensures the consistent quality of the MASQUELIER’s® branded products.

Prof. Dr. Jack Masquelier gave INC the exclusive right to register and use his personal name as a trademark to distinguish MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs as the authentic product that has a direct link with more than 50 years of scientific research.

In addition, Dr. Masquelier gave INC the exclusive right to use his name, signature and portait on and in relation with INC’s MASQUELIER’s® products. Consumers find these elements incorporated in the following logos:

Watch out for imitators! INC herewith gives public notice that the use of Dr. Masquelier’s name to promote products that do not clearly and visibly bear INC’s name and the MASQUELIER’s® trademark and logo, is no guarantee that a product contains MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs.

Only the products authenticated and trademarked by INC as MASQUELIER’s® and bearing the portait, name and signature of Dr. Masquelier as well, are the original products that were invented, researched and developed by Dr. Masquelier.

What about “blends” containing MASQUELIER’s® and non-related ingredients?
Some clients who purchase from INC’s Bulk ingredient distributors combine MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs with ingredients that were not present in the pure and unadulterated products used during the 50 years of research and trials. All the statements of nutritional support presented on this website are based on research performed with pure MASQUELIER’s® OPCs that have not been combined with other ingredients. None of the formulations that add other ingredients to MASQUELIER’s® OPCs are endorsed or authorized by Dr. Masquelier. Please note that when you read the ingredient lists of these complex formulations, only the ingredient(s) trademarked as MASQUELIER’s® originate from INC.