Ageing & blood vessels

The longer you live, the older you become. Sadly, nobody can do anything about that. But you can take steps to live life to the full whatever your age. Because the life force is not found in youth alone – it lies in everyone. And the art of living is to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind so that you make the most of every new day. That’s where MASQUELIER’s® plays its part – by supporting active living during every phase of life.

Good blood circulation is a precondition of good health
Good blood circulation is a precondition of good health

Blood circulates via a complex system of arteries, veins and capillaries. And good blood circulation is a precondition of good health. Central to this process is the exchange between blood and tissue, with oxygen and nutrition passing from the blood into tissue, while CO2 and waste materials pass from tissue into the blood to be carried away and excreted.

This exchange takes place via the walls of the countless tiny capillaries that extend to every corner of your body. It is therefore essential that the capillary walls function effectively, retaining their selective permeability without losing their ‘vascular strength’.

Sufficient nutrients are essential

As you age, you need increasing amounts of the nutrients that maintain the normal function of the capillaries. Without healthy capillaries blood fails to reach the parts of the body it needs to reach, and tissues and organs no longer receive essential nutrients. No matter how carefully you eat, no matter how sensible your lifestyle, your efforts go unrewarded.

A healthy flow of blood

Maintain the normal function of your capillaries and your body will continue to feel like itself. And it isn’t difficult. All it takes is a careful choice of natural supplements, combined with a healthy diet. Once again, your capillaries will function optimally and maintain a healthy flow of blood, and therefore the supply of essential nutrients. The healthy foods and drinks you consume will reach every corner of your body.

Your capillaries are the smallest element of the blood circulation system – but maintaining them delivers the biggest benefits.

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