Unique Guarantee

Only products carrying the Seal of Authenticity have been CPA approved.

Seal of authenticity

When it comes to coffee, you can taste the quality. But how do you know you are taking the correct, high quality supplements? How can you distinguish between real and imitation? The packaging states that a particular botanical ingredient will provide unique and fantastic health benefits. So if a product contains that same ingredient, or ingredients extracted from the same chemical or botanical family, it will deliver the desired effect. Correct?

Original recipe

At MASQUELIER’s® we know better. Using a plant with the same name does not mean that you obtain the same extract. Still less can you claim that it has the same effect. Every element of the plant and the natural extract has to be correct if you are to derive the expected health benefits. It all depends on the overall blend and composition – and we have the original recipe.

Weak imitations

Manufacturers who say that they offer all the goodness of MASQUELIER’s® cannot prove these claims. Without research into the health benefits of their products they can say whatever they like, but they cannot prove anything. Their remedies may work. Or they may not. You just don't know.

how do you know it's the real thing?
how do you know it's the real thing?

The fact is that you need to carry out thorough analyses before you can say anything meaningful about the composition and safety of a product, or make claims about its health effects. You have to dig deep, literally to the molecular level. At MASQUELIER’s® we do exactly that by using Complex Phytonutrient Authentication (CPA).

CPA penetrates to the core of Jack Masquelier’s discovery and enables us to link his legacy to modern science. CPA is our guarantee that we are using the original ingredients so that we exactly replicated the original composition. Only products that pass this test earn the MASQUELIER’s® Seal of Authenticity.

Real research, not superficial substitutes
Real research, not superficial substitutes

Scientific proof

CPA is a fundamental scan. It is a decisive test in which even the very smallest part of a single nutrient is identified and analyzed. Thus we use this scan to clearly display the exact composition of our natural extracts and create a specific product profile that we can compare with professor Masquelier's original. If both profiles match exactly, scientific proof is delivered: Only MASQUELIER’s® works with the original.

Accepted method

Because CPA penetrates to the essence, it is used as a standard test method in the food sector. The scan is used to distinguish real whiskey from fake, to determine the production method of olive oil, or to ascertain the origin of a consignment of coffee beans. CPA is also the only generally accepted method of examining the composition and quality of herbal medicines.

MASQUELIER’s® is guaranteed to use the original. Proof is delivered by extensive tests and the result is a unique hallmark: MASQUELIER’s® Seal of Authenticity. Our composition's fingerprint is identical to Jack Masquelier's original. Guaranteed and proven over the past sixty-five years, as demonstrated by the fact that Professor Masquelier gave us the exclusive rights for using his name and picture to promote his original extracts.

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