Your MASQUELIER’s® Supply partner

i.BioCeuticals is the exclusive North American supplier of MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs and MASQUELIER’s® French Pine Bark Extract to the Dietary Supplement industry. These ingredients are in products and formula’s of well established supplement-brands in the North American supplement market.  

MASQUELIER’s® Original OPCs & French Maritime Pine Bark Extract are efficacious in the broadest possible range of physiological processes, are highly bio-active and rapidly absorbed, and they support structure and function claims in several health categories.

The distinctive quality of the MASQUELIER’s® ingredients can clearly be seen in the solid product-specific research, clinical studies, rigorous quality-control and comprehensive identity testing, which ensure consistency in composition and the whole-body health benefits. 

i.BioCeuticals has been in a dedicated partnership with I.N.C., the brand owner and supplier of the MASQUELIER’s® branded products, for over 25 years, and we are equally committed to working closely with our clients, some of which we’ve been serving since the start.

We support client product goals by offering technical guidance, science substantiation and marketing consultation.

Our services as a cGMP certified* supplier of the MASQUELIER’s® materials extend to;

  • Supply of scientific substantiation documentation for FDA notified Structure and function claims.
  • Guidance in Trademark use and formulation / dosage.
  • Technical support in relation to bioavailability and safety data.
  • Supply of full traceability data.
  • Supply of analysis certificates for identification and authentication including DNA testing and NMR and Principle component Analysis.
  • Periodical supply of new communicational concepts for marketing development.
  • Product trainings.

For any inquiries in relation to supply of the MASQUELIER’s® ingredients or more information, please contact our office via the contact information page, or at (508) 240.5773.


* i.BioCeuticals is certified by NSF