• Anthogenol®

    Quality of life for all your life
    Ageing is an inevitable part of life. And the older you become, the more you are likely to feel a decline in your overall vitality. One reason for this is the gradual degeneration of the veins and capillaries in your vascular system. This leads to wrinkles, loss of sight, sore muscles, swollen feet, and tired legs. Healthy blood circulation; Youthful appearanc ...
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  • Dermagenol®

    Concerned about the effects of oxidative stress from pollution and uv rays? Wrinkles, collagen loss, pigmentation and sun spots are just some of the long-term effects of oxidative stress! Oxidative stress on skin gives rise to excess free radicals which significantly increase the risks of premature skin ageing, reduced skin elasticity and sagging skin, pigmenta ...
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  • Flavan®

    Protecting the quality of our lives
    Today's lifestyles are busier than ever. We work too hard, sleep too little and eat too much. Our internal systems become unbalanced and very soon you start to experience the physical symptoms. Fatigue, wrinkles, stiff muscles, deteriorating eyesight: all too often the cause can be found in over-burdened blood vessels. More energy; Healthy and supple ski ...
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